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nor there. the commission was sensitive about the use of retail, what it will look like, what we are expecting. that is another discussion. i want to make sure that we are on track with the basic approval ideas that were in front of us. i fully support the extension because i'd be in the project worthy of extension. >commissioner antonini: i am fully supportive of thas i was n 2008, but is there prospect that we might be moving forward on this? and increased market for commercial space. commissioner moore: i make a motion to approve the project as proposed. >> second. >> a motion on the floor for approval as proposed. [roll call vote] thank you, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously. you are on item nine. amendments to the transit impact development fee. >> the afternoon, commissioners. alicia john-baptiste from these and francisco transportation agency. we would modify and impact the transit development fee. it is an impact fee that provides the city with funding to offset the impact of net new development on the city's transit system. money generated hot is directed to
you enjoy the great opening act? thank you so much for joining us tonight for san francisco's asian pacific heritage celebration. yes. and that is giving u.s. side of things to come, but i want to tell you what about the opening performance that you saw. it was proudly presented by the american center for the philippine arts, and it means a "from the village of." it is alive journey of the man struggling with the responsibility. the untapped and dynamism of the folk dance. it was created by the choreographer and performed by san francisco dance artists jonathan mercado, henry lau, maritoni madrano and kimberly requesto. give them an opening applause for that act. [applause] as for this group here, we request that you stand for the singing of the national anthem. >> ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ ♪ who's broad stripes and bright stars through theh perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the ni
. it is a good idea, it is something that we have talked about. it is important for us to understand what the cbos are doing. it is important for them to have specific training for their individuals. they should also have some guidelines and some criteria to evaluate their successes, on a quarterly and yearly basis. >> thank you. last question. what are the types of job opportunities that are available for at risk youth? what are the funding opportunities? >> there are not many job opportunities right now. with the way that funding is currently, it is only being reduced. what we try to do is think creative. we try to create an internship programs, where we try to confuse -- infuse youth. we utilize a lot of non-western ways of trying to have youth identified. we infuse political education so they can make a good choice. there are other programs like oasis. there are not many opportunities, not everybody could work -- all the work permits required. it also requires a social security number. alternative pathways are a good way to go, such as those internship opportunities. use these venues
to get a little bit of information between today and tomorrow. another issue -- you use 2006 information as opposed the most recent data we have, which is 2009. by that, you under-inflated some of the traffic impact numbers. it appears the traffic modeling you did was done -- frankly -- it was manipulated to help you arrive s.a. -- are right that a certain result. the data you received is frankly just not believable. i'm wondering if anybody could respond to that in a way that could help me understand this in time for tomorrow's hearing? >> i understand what you are asking and i am confident in the analysis we performed an would be more happy to drill down on some of the numbers you are citing a particular intersection. right in front of me and would have to double check. supervisor chiu: today, this hearing was supposed to drill down on these issues and that's why i'm asking these questions. get supervisor campos: -- supervisor campos: if i could follow up on that, wondering why your definition of significant impact is? >> that a very good question. when an intersection goes from the ex
to use spectrum much more efficiently. >> was that technology developed in san diego? >> yes. also here is the debt. what are you display here? woody showing to members of congress and the staff? >> this demonstrates how 3g and next-generation mobile technology can improve people's lives. one of our projects -- a health care project and an education project. the health-care project -- this is a wireless monitoring ship that allows patients with congestive heart failure to monitor their health and their house daily. they can use in mobile application and take their blood pressure, their blood oxygen level, their heart rate, their weight -- and they can collect the data using the mobile app and transmit it to their nurses and doctor, who are listening on a daily basis. the doctors said and able to see the data. if they see a decline in the patient costs health, they will contact the patient immediately so that it prevents them from having to be readmitted to the hospital. >> do you see savings in health- care dollars with this? >> definitely. patients -- there are about 1 million people a
at timber line lodge. they were not used to seeing them or getting classes in journalism. they would get people in trouble. sometimes the art or the artist got in trouble. let's look at a few of the structures around california. this is built by the wpa. the noblist motive is the public good. imagine anybody saying that today. this kind of work is a noble endeavor. county courthouses like this one in alameda. city halls all over california in a variety of styles. this one is at burbank. it hasn't been touched. fire stations all over the place. and police stations and armories. this is the police stables in golden gate park and public libraries. and then one at north berkeley. public hospitals. clinics and sanitary. as well as polio people did get tuberculosis. remember that counties were strapped for funds. so the wpa gave it to them. children got health care. we were headed for a national health care system. we treat things differently now. essentially, what we have of med-cal is going to be slashed true. as an environmentist, i am opposed to this. they laid concrete in southern califor
you how teens are using mother nature to help protect mother nature. >> in sports, we'll see why young pitchers need to play it safe. >> coming up, i get to spend the day with some knights. i'll tell you all about it. >> and we're just getting started, so stay tuned. >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's our top story for this week. >> teens are often under a lot of pressure to do well in school, but that doesn't mean it's okay to copy someone else's hard work and pass it off as your own. teachers call it "plagiarizing," but, as we see in this report, you can also call it cheating. and don't think you won't get caught. >> you've probably heard the word "plagiarize," but what, exactly, does it mean? >> when you take somebody else's words or ideas and you use them as your own. >> that's exactly right. in fact, the word "plagiarize" comes from the latin word for "kidnap," only instead of stealing a person, modern plagiarizing means stealing someone else's work. now, most of us won't copy another person's work exactly. we know that's cheating. but what if we
kids like this alive. >> and a return to africa. former president bill clinton speaks to us exclusively on his campaign for that continent's victims of hiv/aids, and how new drug could change that struggle. >> the numbering is the best thing ever is staggering. it could reduce the likelihood of new infections by 75%. >> hello. there is the beginnings of another humanitarian catastrophe. one of the country's touched by the arab spring. for some 80 months, yemen has been wracked by political turmoil. now millions are going hungry and worse. according to the united nations, nearly half of the population, or 10 million people, have limited or no access to sufficient food. 47% of children under 5 years old are chronically malnourished. the worst affected areas are in the west of the country surrounding the capital sanaa. jeremy cooke has this exclusive report. >> the face of a crisis. ashmial is barely clinging to consciousness, barely clinging to life. a 1-year-old who weighs as much as a newborn baby. you do not need a scale to know that this child needs help now. like so many young victim
jewelry. knows how to be used to profit politicians. providing flatter for art and something to be left behind. he has left his angels behind. none of us knowing where exactly we are headed. and this is also a new poem. it's potentially the title of my next poetry collection. i read a lot about religion being raised catholic. this is called just like jesus. if i get struck down by thunder. just like jesus. i want childhood to be, evading teen angst. always. i want to encourage and motivate just like jesus. few literates could conquer. simply by having faith, i want to arouse. make you believe there's a god above watching over us. without scientific explanation. i want to cast out your demons. liberate your oppressed soul. bring back lost friends. just like jesus, be a shameless pervert while with the possibility of sexism and paternal. just like jesus, i want to hear the voice of my farther. bask in the stars, this is not an end but a beginning. a sepia tone of martarism. i want my engage capturred. to frame the minds of ignorants. while blindly following leaders. i want to be nestled,
two of them, small businesses have disappeared. i think that the subtle difficulties should make us very aware of the ever-increasing uphill battle the small business is facing. i would like to ask to retain a very hot critical question if i may. in the discussion which i appreciate, on page 7, there is a comment about the grandfather provisions. the use of larger institutions, being able to avoid paying any of the impact fees because they are taking care of themselves. how could you please explain that using shovels are causing more transportation problems at the moment then there are solving and must be exempt from paying these fees? >> redirect in that? -- >> either of the two, -- commissioner, were you directing that question -- commissioner moore: to either of the two. >> the fee applies to land use, was someone provides shuttle service or not is not relevant to the payment of a fee. >> the one institution -- it does not a non-profit. >> the specific application is a project that are exempt. there are not subject to property tax. it is a for-profit institution. that is the dist
for us tonight. ac "360" starts now. >>> from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "early start weekend." >>> the largest mass shooting in u.s. history. a gunman opens fire in a colorado movie theater, wounding 58, killing 12. and we can now tell you two more of their names. >> he had his hair painted red. he said he was the joker. #. >> new details revealed about the suspected shooter. he lived alone, kept to himself. but james holmes was also a one-time ph.d. canned tate and an honor student. more on the man now in custody. plus -- >> i personally have never seen anything like whathe pictures show us is in there. >> trip wires, gas canisters, booby-traps. an apartment so dangerous law enforcement still can't get inside. we'll take you live to the suspect's building. it's saturday, july 21st. good morning, everyone. i'm gary tuchman. a little over 24 hours ago the nation first heard the news. a shooter opened fire inside a crowded theater. 12 people dead, 58 others injured. as many as 11 of those are in the hospital in critical condition. we'll get you out to the scene in just
tunnels, and world war ii spies. they're all part of the nation's largest train terminal. join us as we take a tour. >> i'll tell you why kansas owe. >> behind the wheel, your everyday distractions can turn into dangerous habits. >> and we're just getting started, so stay tuned. >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm livia. here's our top story for this week. >> scientists call them "neos" -- near-earth objects. they're asteroids and comets that might someday be on a course to collide with our planet. it might sound like a movie plot, but tyler tells us that nasa takes neos very seriously. in fact, all should. >> so, do you worry that something from outer space may crash into the earth? >> i think the chances are pretty slim. >> sometimes, like when i'm daydreaming in the middle of history class. >> no. i don't worry about something from outer space crashing into the earth. >> i don't worry about it a lot because i feel like we would have had a lot of warning from a lot of people and on the news, so i don't think that it's much to worry about. >> the universe isn't quit
the street from where the suspect used to work at the university of t colorado medical center, two buildings there have been secured and bomb dogs are being taken through to ensure that nothing was left at that location. then at a high school nearby family and friends are being told aboutnd where their loved ones are and being notified officially. and finally at the police station we know that is where the suspect is located and we are told he is not cooperating with authorities and he does have a lawyer. thein press conference is scheduled to begin any minute. there is a lot going on. there is still a ton of evidence to collect and gather. we havend been told the weapons were purchased correctly although i will tell you i spoke with a federal authority we know very well who says they are looking into the extra large magazines that hold a ton of rounds, basically. we know one of those jammed in one of the rifles he was using. we will assure those were purchased correctly and where he gott them. one of the weapons was bought at a store down the street. we were there to buy supplies. this area
of the rifles he was using. we will assure those were purchased correctly and where he gott them. one of the weapons was bought at a store down the street. we were there to buy supplies. this area where w this has taken place, the location, where he lives, where he worked, here as wellon as the high school and the police station are all in like a three-mile radius. it is a close knit area, a close knit location when you talk about all of these scenes. and every single one is active. sean, as we give it back to you, it is eerie. we have been here all day. you hearhe stories about the cell phones ringing n side and no one to answer them. can you imagine the people on the other end making the calls? and if you look down the street, unfortunately from our vantage point you can't get there with our camera, but there were a number of hertzs were parked along the curb and to know they are getting the bodies is an eerie sight as they people are being taken out and loved ones officially notified. >> adam, i can see the press conference is about to start. one quick question here. i understand t
. they weren't exactly sure what kind of materials he had been using and they want to use a robot with cameras and now they can really get a sense of what they were up against. this could have been an incredibly tragic and more deadly situation with someone unsuspecting just walked into this apartment and this thing was ready to trigger as soon as someone opened the door and that could have easily have killed more people. >> so, ed, i wonder, this is a pretty sizeable apartment complex and they have cordoned off the wear and evacuated that apartment complex for an undetermined amount of time. have some of the residents of that apartment complex been milling around? have they been asking questions about where they'll retrieve their belongings and pets or anything like that? >> reporter: you know, what's really frightening is we've spoken -- some of my colleagues have spoken to the woman that lives just below james holmes and is obviously one of the people that had been evacuated. she explained to us the night of the shooting that there was loud music emerging from james holmes apartment and tha
win and a celebration for us all. >> to learn more about the helen diller playground in dolores park, go to supervisor mar: the meeting will come to order. welcome to the monday, july 16, 2012 meeting of the land use committee for so this -- for supervisju we're also joined by supervisor jane kim. would you please read the announcement? >> be sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices. items acted upon today will appear in the july 24 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. supervisor mar: although we have 17 items on the agenda, it is basically to items, the transit center plan followed by the continued hearing on different issues. could you please call items one through four? >> ordnance is related to the transit center district plan, a zoning map and general plan. >> thank you. we haveq)h2d from planning, our director. [oçsupervisor kim: i appreciae honor of saying a few words. i have the pleasure of introducing for items that will in the planning code that will allow for the creation of a special district in the downtown san francisco ar
the medical center, the office component is considered an institutional use and that is outlined in section 217. medical offices are come together subject to a master plan. there's a clear distinction between medical office and other office. >> 413.3 -- does that exempt hospitals or medical centers? >> it doesn't explicitly exempt medical centers or offices but it delineates what is eligible and that hospitals and medical centers are not included. >> but it does not specifically exempts them,/%3v but your interpretation is is exempted because it's an institution that is not designated as in the list of need to pay into the jobs housing linkages? >> the zoning administrator has jtmade that. >> it is not specifically exempted. >> i would say he would say that is clearly the intent and it is further called out in the fee table further down'0!bg "into sn 13 -- institutional uses are called out as a $0 per square foot wear as regular offices called out with a $19 per square foot feet. institutional use is there if you look at the entirety of the planning code section it all brings you
of things that i hope we think about between now and the time that ] there will be an opportunity for us to make changes at that point. i am not saying that we necessarily should, but at least consider those options. with that, i support the motion. supervisor kim: thank you, supervisors. i would have liked to have forward this with a understand, and i would rather this go out unanimously with no recommendation to the full board. i will motion. i want to thank all the parties that were involved in this. at the full board, we will have an opportunity to speak about our thoughts about this again. i do appreciate many of the comments that have been made. sacrifices were made on all sides. i think that a key part of this charter amendment, as supervisor campos and supervisor farrell pointed out, is the revenue- generating ordinance that will move forward to the voters in november. and we look forward to full support from the housing trust fund coalition for the revenue- generating measure as well, because i think that they are key partners as we move forward in november to ensuring that we h
will use it as a healing opportunity and a chance to really show solidarity. on an individual basis, today they have grief counseling at a pair of high schools to help people process the trauma. >> jim, i feel so bad fort families of those who lost loved ones. the bodies were in the theater for so long and weren't given the exact word if it was their laughed ones. finally they got the word last night. have the bodies been removed? >> yeah. around 5:00 last night they were able to get all the bodies out of there. it takes a long time for the coroners to come in and the crime scene investigators to come in and process these sites. i know it was very important to the police to make that notification. you be imagine with that many -- that much of a huge shooting site, that many bullets, that many shell casings, what a site that must be to process. >> jim, are police still inside the theater investigating? >> yeah. there's still police over there for sure. the adjoining shopping area, they actually plan on reopening today. the movie theater itself still roped off. still police in there doing th
that had been evacuated. she explained to us the night of the shooting that there was loud music emerging from james holmes apartment and that she had gone up there to knock on the door and at one point had called authorities to let them know about that, but they said they were too busy with the shooting and they couldn't spare someone to come over here and do that, but she said the door was unlocked and told us the door was unlocked. obviously, she's very emotional about the fact she easily could have opened up that door and who knows what would have happened if she had done that. so luckily, for her, she decided not to do that and went back downstairs, but a lot of this area remains cordoned off and remains shut down. at one point, it would allow authorities to come back and james holmes' apartment, that will be shut down for quite some time and i'm not sure whether the surrounding areas will be opened up here in the coming days. obviously, the people whoive around this area are probably antsy to get back into their apartments and they'll be passing on developments about that and how th
caution. there is a reason why restaurants, at least in this area, have conditional use reviews. i was quite interested in a status presentation of the uses on sacramento st. at the moment. it is the kind of mix of uses that to other neighborhoods are clamoring to have, but they have been inundated with restaurants. you still have a barbershop. that is really cool. you still have a flower shop. how many neighborhoods have a flower shop? you have a dry cleaners. there is a whole mix of uses along here that the next neighborhood, the people have said that they miss now because of the number of the other types of uses that have come into the neighborhood. i do not think the addition of this one up sets that balance, and i am not hoping you will spawn other competitors, so did speak -- so to speak. >> the motion on the floor is for approval. commissioner moore: i found the story kind of compelling when i think about some of the ideas of bringing back into it together and how he was describing individual attention into what is trying to do. i felt very comfortable. i also feel that this
the week's news. >> suarez: a follow-up to our recent story about smart meters used to monitor energy use. spencer michels reports on california activists who want to ban them. >> pacific gas & electric one of the nation's largest utilities has had to fight a coalition of people who suspect, among other things, that smart meters may be bad for your health. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy, productive life. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: once again today, americans absorbed the news of a mass shooting-- a dozen dead, at least 59 hurt or wounded. it happened in the city of aurora, just east of
not understand it. >> thank you for having me. we did it pass proposition be bond which allows us to improve the conditions our streets. their federal standards and so as part of rebuilding our streets, we will be building all of the streets and repaving and rebuilding all of the cuts to standard on the street. we do need to comply with the federal mandate for standards so when you see a curb cut being repaired, it is because we are trying to bring them up to standards. >> i understand that. but wouldn't it be better to put them in places we don't have them now? >> we work closely with the mayor's office of disability and they advise us on the critical areas. just because we have one in a certain location, use is a big concerns we have to prioritize. >> one of the areas we have seen is in the past, we might have had a rap that was compliant based on previous laws and as the rule change, we had to fix or repair them to come up to the new standards. >> i am with the mayor's office on disability. the city has a transition plan for the public right of way that addresses the curb ramps specifical
the same? >> you make a good point. i don't remember us ever asking anybody else to do this and there have been others that have come before us with questions with about whether they are serving enough food at all and certainly more suspicious than yours, which i think is a restaurant offering live entertainment. actually we need more of this. that's one of the problems. there aren't enough places where you can go get something to eat, something to drink and hear music. we need to encourage that. i'm going to vote for the motion because it sounds like it's doable. it's a little more work to have to keep track of your food. i understand it's every year, commissioner sugaya, not every month. so you run the totals on an annual basis, i guess, i would assume probably your motion would be a year after the conditional use goes into effect? ok. so rather than a specific date. all right, that probably is fine with me, but i don't want it to be in any way a deterrent to your operation. vice president wu: commissioner moore? >> i would last -- just add, and code is code, it does say records of the r
represent us and his death. his name was pray, a lovely name which i feel embodies the current status of the equal rights. i doubt the city commission realizes how betrayed assam franciscans feel by the name of anti pelosi. how about someone who died in a secret prison. she knew about the secret prisons and covered up. as far as aids go, its sources in question. nancy pelosi did support the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, on the same day as obama brought this up, i believe it was cheney, enter poll received an arrest warrant on him and that did not make the front cover. thank you. >> we get the general thrust of your comments and we appreciate them. >> [reading names] >> it good morning, commissioners. thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to speak on this issue and thank you for your work. having been a commissioner, i know what you do, so thank you. i am the director of the mission language and vocational school. i have served for many years as president and on the school board. commissioner, i am before you to ask you to support and take the resolution and waive the wa
be much better off using this sort of tax cuts that might be available to us to do targeted attack cuts such as those of the president recently proposed and are being debated in the senate right now. >> jean, i want to give you a chance, you feel very differently about this. that actually there will be an adverse effect on the small business. that 3% is quite meaningful. >> this is a debate about job creation. and if you look at the businesses that are affected in the upper bracket levels. they are job creators. they produce more of the jobs than the rest of the small business community. so it's very impactful when it comes to jobs. again, i think i said it before, anything in the current economic environment that discourages job creation is just a bad idea. it also sends a terrible message. small business owners pay taxes at the individual rate and a lot of people don't understand that. so whenever there's a debate about individual rates and making them higher, the small business community, that makes them very nervous because today it's 250,000 but what is it going to be next year whe
devices and set off two so far i've heard, devices of their own little pop caps or whatever they're using to try and diffuse whatever is in the apartment. the perfect scenario for the authorities would be to do that to defuse the first couple of and get inside with the robots and defuse the rest of the apartment and be able to secure the rest the apartments so people could return home and resume their lives, but more importantly for authorities, to secure the evidence inside holmes' apartment and you can bet there's going be to be a plethora of evidence inside of that apartment here in aurora, colorado. it looks like jonathan, from your-- from our vantage point they're going to try to have a couple of bomb technicians walking in through the parking lot entrance and the most we've seen since this operation began about an hour ago, jon? >> all right, incredible work there, adam. thank you very much. let's talk about the delicate task that lies ahead. former new york police captain, peter moreno is now director of operations for broadening risk consultants and he knows a thing or two about d
. that means we may have to take a deal that gets us on the right path even if it does not give us the right structure. we will have the opportunity to get on the right structure and we will have the money to deal with it. it means we have to deal with the deficit before we are ever going to resolve all of the issues in health care and tax reform. i want to be sure that people do not have the sense that if we do not solve the entire 70 five- year, 150 year deficit issue, that anything short of that is a failure. there is no public-policy issue we have solved 75 years into the future. it is a result of inflated expectations and rhetoric to expect we will solve this problem 75 years out, or 100 years out in the future. my message is, let's not the perfect be the enemy of the good. if we can get onto a good path, let's take it and work from there to a better structure. >> i agree with that but let me be more optimistic about tax reform. this may be a moment where we dropped the impediment of incrementalism in tax reform which is fatal because then you are arguing about whose ox gets gored. this
tonight. mike tobin will have more on that later in the hour. just down the street where the suspect used to work at the university of colorado medical center, two buildings there have been secured and bomb dogs are being taken through there to ensure nothing was left at that location. then at a high school nearby. families and friends are being told about where loved ones are and being notified officially and finally at the police station we know he that is where the suspect is located and we are told again that he is not cooperating with authorities any longer and he does have a lawyer. the press conference we are expecting to begin any minute. they have been a bit late today. a lot going on. there is still a ton of evidence to collect and gather. we have been told that the weapons were purchased correctly. although i will tell you that i spoke with a federal authority here that we know well who told me that they are looking into the extra large magazines that hold a ton of rounds basically. one of those jammed in one of the rifles he was using. if they were purchased correctly, where h
department, cassidy carlson and gave us more information about what we knew before we went to break we did get the confirmation that that door to james holmes' apartment was set to kill, a quote from the police officer. set to kill whoever opened it and you spoke to the lady who almost opened the door the night of this event. and cassidy carson, we've been successful in defeating the first threat and the traps were set to kill those entering first in the apartment. if that's in fact true they may have found that entry point to get bomb technicians inside to get potentially the bomb robots inside. and part of the issue, it's not just one or two bombs to kill whoever opened the door, there are a number of devices intertwined with wire, bottles they say the size of coke bottles filled with a liquid that looks like water and we don't know what it is, balloons with powder inside, potentially gun powder and bullets laying around and other pieces of stuff, basically, that could become schrapnel if this was to go up. so this apartment is booby trapped from floor to ceiling. now, we do know that au
legally in the past three months. those weapons were used in this shooting in aurora. >> we tracked down holmes' uncle in caramel. kimber kimberly? >> reporter: his uncle this came as a surprise to him as well and still seems surreal. we talked to holmes, he says he only knew his nephew when they would occasionally see each other during the holidays. they weren't very close, despite them having the same name. we were able to talk to him briefly. he did not want to talk to us on camera, but this is what else he had to say. the the uncle of 24-year-old james holmes, the suspect in the deadly shooting in colorado, did not want to talk to us on camera, telling nbc bay area, he's still trying to come to terms with what happened. despite holmes being the uncle's name sake, he says they were not close an only say each other sometimes during the holidays. holmes' uncle describes the student as an unassuming guy who the family calls jimmy. he says he found out about the shooting through an early morning phone call and says he has talked to his mothbrother, father of the suspect. holmes' uncle see
, the u.s. security council approved a 30-day extension for its monitoring mission in a syrian. they are part of kofi annan's peace plan to end the 16-month conflict. >> there is no sign of any peace in syria. thousands are fleeing the country. fighting between military and rebels intensifies. >> diplomatic pressure has failed to break the impasse at the u.n. security council. for now, that means no sanctions against the assad regime. but u.n. observers will be allowed to stay on in syria. russia remains adamantly opposed to any resolution that would impose an embargo on damascus. moscow is coming under increasing criticism for its hard-line stance. the foreign ministry rejects the resolution as one-sided. >> certain western countries are blaming russia in part for the escalation of violence in syria but this is absolutely unacceptable. instead of making rude insinuations about russian foreign policy, our western partners should be convincing the syrian opposition groups to find a political solution. >> but there's no evidence of that happening anytime soon. street fighting con
call somebody to use your power to do something, he told you he could not and would not, right? >> objection. good >> what was his response when you called to get somebody to stop this? >> he said he could not do anything. agaiin the street he would justt down, and he did not say anything, and i said, we have to do something. i believe we can do something. it is wrong, so she does not have my permission. i thought it was confidential, and that night when lynette was calling me, she said, he does not want to do anything, and she said, you have to go somewhere, so i told him, you have to react, take the phone. i am going to put everything together, and we are going to sleep in that house. it was me and putting everything together. it was me who was pushing him, and i remember when he was arrested we were in the seraphs office, and we were walking outside the -- the sheriff's office, and we were walking outside, and there was staff next to us, and ross was panicked. he was so sad, and i said, you won the election. stay strong. and we will win this, so that picture is completely wr
was using. if they were purchased correctly, where he got them. one of the weapons was bought from a store just down the street from there. we have been there before to get supplies when we have been here. just down the street from where we are located. this whole area where this is taking place, the suspect's location and where he lived and worked here as well as the high school and the police station are all in like a three mile radius. a close knet area and location. every single one is active tonight. extremely eerie. we have been here all day. the stories about the cell phones ringing inside and no one to answer them. imagine the people on the other end making the phone calls. a vantage point you can't get to with the camera. there was a number of hearsts parked along the curb. an eerie is sight for sure as people are being taken out and loved ones officially notified. >> i see the press conference is about to start. one quick question here. i understand the police have pulled out there is the police chief as we head back to colorado where they are now you beginning their press confer
shooting. >> griff, thank you. >> thank you for being with us tonight. for the latest on the deadly movie theater shooting here had colorado stay tuned to fox news channel throughout the weekend. good night from colorado. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> he told them about the apartment having booby traps inside then we're told he stopped talking when he got a lawyer and at this hour, authorities say he's not speaking to them. so they're now dealing with the suspect going through an attorney. they did get information out of him early on. and at this hour, we have active crime scene, bodies being taken away. and coroner taking them to the morgue and families being notified there is an eerie scene inside we're told, cell phones were ringing and no one, of course there to answer them. cell phones dropped by those fleeing and those also are the bodies of those killed. and and three miles from here we're told and later, in the hour, just down the street from there, the suspect used to work at the university of colorado medical center two buildings there. and then, in a high sch
showing of the "dark knight rises," the newest batman movie, a can gunman using assault weapons killed at least 12 people and injured at least 59 others. brandy hit has the latest from aurora. >> the screams in terror weren't a reaction to the action happening on screen, but from the hail of bullets fired bay rampaging gunman. >> and you just kept hearing it. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say the gunman first tossed what appeared to be a smoke grenade. >> all i kept thinking if i stand up he is going to shoot, and i was trying to think how am i going to get my kids out of there. >> reporter: some movie goinger were confused. >> i see a guy right next to me -- a gentlemen getting shot when i realize this is not part of the movie. >> reporter: jennifer said the gunman was dressed like a s.w.a.t. team member. >> he engineered up shooting people behind me and the bullet casing were on my forehead. >> reporter: james holmes the respect was arrested as he left the theater. >> he was apprehended with three weapons in the car. >> reporter: according to one police firm, holmes
the apartment and can you give us an update on that? >> yes. they have. they first evacuated and then, around it we're told they expand out a little bit further and this is to ensure. >> and as you can see, there is a heading back to colorado they're now beginning their press conference. 1k3 let us listen in. . and let us all listen in. >> i'm daniel oats. the chief of police here in aurora. and i think it would be best to begin the press conference by introducing our governor john hickenlooper to make some remarks. governor? >> so, this has been a long day and i appreciate how long a day it has been for all of you in the media. we are seeing this community rise up and do the things that great communities do. we are dealing with this. we have 70 casualties. not 71. there was double reporting there. but the stories are going to come out of this of how in a remarkably short time the police force in aurora responded to this situation. their efficiency in making an apprehension. the ability of our hospitals in remarkably short order to take care of all of these casualties in an incredible system.
rises" screening in arizona. "fox & friends" starts now. >> thanks for joining us everyone on this sad and tragic morning. we appreciate you waking up early for us. >> good to see you guys. a strange morning for me, personally. this is my hometown, aurora, colorado, where i grew up and went to high school eight miles from this theater. to see all this unfold in my backyard where i spent a lot of my high school, middle school years. >> have you been to the movie theater? >> it was not there when i went there. that area, that mall is where we hung out on a very regular basis and that's the movie theater i would have used had i been there today. this is hard for my state who still remembers every bit of columbine, very strange situation. kind of in a fog. >> i can imagine. it's wonderful to have you here with your input and your personal experience. meanwhile we want to show you the man who police say is behind this horrific movie theater massacre in colorado where 12 people were killed, 58 wounded. >> that makes it the worst mass shooting in u.s. history with people shot. many still in t
and a celebration for us all. >> to learn more about the helen diller playground in dolores park, go to >> thank you for being here. i want to thank the young people for being here, because you are the future. there are going to be things in this building and you are going to see that are not normal in those buildings yet. they are cutting edge, but by the time it you are my age, everybody is going to have this stuff, and you will be some of the first to see it. it is great to have you here. really quickly, this is a building we are proud of, because this is really who epitomizes the value in san francisco. it uses a third less power than a normal office building. it saves money. i want to kick it off by introducing the mayor over his career he has have so many different figures on this building from being the administrator to being the mayor, so this is a welcome thing. phyfe good morning, everybody -- >> good morning, everybody. i have got the same eyes as you today. this is the first time i have stepped into this building as well. everything you see is going to be the same as fo
forecast. global strategist nick colas joins us with an update. i.p.o.s were a brightspot. strong market debuts today from palo alto networks and travel site kayak. a look at whether i.p.o.s are making a comeback. and just two years ago, president obama signed the dodd frank financial reforms into law. a look at how that's changed the financial landscape. that and more tonight on "n.b.r.!" two new tech i.p.o.s debuted on wall street today and investors gobbled up shares of both, despite a wave selling in the broader markets. online travel company kayak software gained 28% to close at $33.18 a share. kayak upped its i.p.o. price last night and raised $91 dollars with the offering. meanwhile, shares of the security software firm palo alto networks soared almost 27 percent in their market debut. today's offerings cap off a busy week for i.p.o.s and suggest the market for new deals is back. suzanne pratt reports. >> reporter: two months ago, facebook and it's feeble public offering cast a dark shadow over the i.p.o. market. deals were pulled and investors got nervous. kayak software was supp
killer. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm laura evans. the shooting spree erupted during a midnight showing of the dark knight rises. >> 70 people were shot, 12 dead and 50 others are hurt. >> we have complete coverage of the movie theater massacre, bob barnard and maureen umeh both working this one. police in colorado just updated the media in the last hour. >> that's right telling us investigators will wait until tomorrow to enter the suspect's apartment in aurora because it's rigged with explosives that they need to >> reporter: safe somehow. the city's police chief says 30 shooting victims remain hospitalized tonight, 11 critically injured. the bodies of the 10 who died inside the theater have just recently been removed. two others died at the hospital. only one of them has been identified. >> we are hopeful that sometime in the next hour we will get a confirmed list of the 10 deceased and we'll begin the agonizing process of meeting with those families and confirming what has happened to their loved ones. >> it's an act that defies description. you ca
, that mall is where we hung out on a very regular basis and that's the movie theater i would have used had i been there today. this is hard for my state who still remembers every bit of columbine, very strange situation. kind of in a fog. >> i can imagine. it's wonderful to have you here with your input and your personal experience. meanwhile we want to show you the man who police say is behind this horrific movie theater massacre in colorado where 12 people were killed, 58 wounded. >> that makes it the worst mass shooting in u.s. history with people shot. many still in the hospital this morning. in a few hours police will hurpb -- return to james holmes apartment to try to disable explosives and chemical devices left there. >> mike, bring us up to date. >> good morning, gang. just 27 1/2 hours since the shooting. 30 people still hospitalized, 11 in critical condition. still not much is known as far as what would have motivated this horrific attack. answers could very well be concealed in that apartment just about four miles, a little less than four miles away from this location, but police
of the worst massecres in u.s. history. but this is not over yet. right now police are taking a look at his booby trapped apartment. here's rebecca stevens. >> as the sun comes up over aurora, colorado, 30 people are still in the hospital and some still in critical condition. police are looking at not one, but two crime scenes. >> a crowd gathered for an impromptu prayer after one of the worst u.s. massecres in u.s. history. a day that started innocently at the screening of the new batman film. halfway into the movie hundreds fled the carnage inside. a state of shock and bleeding from bullet holes. >> oh, my god! >> police have a busy day ahead of them. one thing they don't have to wonder about is how the suspect got ammunition and also his weapons. the fact is, he got them right here in legally. [applause] >> a crowd gathered for an impromptu prayer, holding candles and helping the victims of one of the worst shootings in u.s. history. a day that started innocently at a midnight screening of the new batman film. halfway into the move way hundreds fled the carnage inside. in a state of shoc
we encountered a lot of evasion, excuses. first they ignored us. increasingly they are having to have this conversation because people are become withing more concerned and the companies are having to face up to it. i think, you know, when we see this information, too, we realize, all of us are contaminated, we understand the choices we make intimately affect our biology, the same poisons running through the rivers are running through our veins, especially the billion dollar corporations that are selling dreams of health and beauty around the world. they have a have a responsibility. does anybody think baby shampoo needs to contain carcinogens? many companys are making these products without the chemicals. when we look at testing of baby products, most of the brands and this is poplar bubble baths contained a known animal carcinogen, it was in seasame street character brands, and johnson & johnson brand baby shampoo. this is some of the lipstick products. some of you may have seen we had a bill in california industry, they said we can't get lead out of lipstick. but it is not
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